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‘88 Ducati 750 Sport – JvB Moto

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1968 Gibson SG Special & rusted car in field.  The guitar is 46 years old and it was in bad shape when I bought it.  I have nursed it back to a point where it is fun to play and sounds great.  I thought many times about throwing it away, but I am glad I didn’t.  It’s so nice since I fixed it up

Which reminds me:

People, don’t throw something away just because it’s old.  Old things have value.  Old things have stories to tell you about the world.  Old things can keep you warm on a cold night.  Epecially if you light them on fire.

But DON’T light them on fire:  Do NOTdo that.   And also: don’t leave that old guitar moldering in its case - the case that smells like the carpet in grandma’s closet.  And while we’re on the subject, I just want to say to the owner of that abandoned car…don’t leave that old car rusting out back in the field.  Don’t use it for shooting practice…even when you are extremely drunk.  And for chrissakes do NOT use it as a turlet when the outhouse is occupied!  That is not cool at all bro.


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